Farm Managers

ProEquine-Link wants to enhance your farm management and client relations!

  • Create your own farm manager log-in and password. 
  • Set up unlimited number of clients. We send an introductory email to the owners where they will be prompted to set up their own log-in and password. 
  • Enhance communication with owners about their horses.
  • Easily create individual horse profiles.
  • Upload monthly conformation photos.
  • Organize your evaluations of the growing stock on the farm:
    • managers notes, 
    • farrier notes, 
    • vet notes, 
    • additional notes for sales prices or race results.
  • Use filters to compare and contrast  stock.
  • Breeding selection tool 
    • Use the mare's offspring gallery to evaluate what matings in the past have worked for her.
  • Sales selection tool 
    • Use folders designated for different sales allowing you to change and adjust mapping where a horse will maximize its return.